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mDonada is a graphic designer and artist from Madrid, Spain. After being submerged in piles of paper, pens, cartoons and drawings in 1996 he builds a bigger spaceship and cross the sky of graphic design, a trip that has taken him to live a bunch of amazing adventures, reaching hundreds of different planets and stars and creating several constellations of joy.


Coming from the DIY independent scene (under the name of LeCadavre - no longer used-) has made him understand design in special way and it has made him develop a unique style inside the industry. A world that has made him navigate in a lot of different levels working for music labels, editorials, bands, commercials, TV channels, magazines...even for the Spanish Embassy in Ethiopia and appearing in books as a promising graphic designer along with an example of his work.


This self-taught artist has been named by the El Pais newspaper one of the most important Spanish young artist in 1999 and has never stopped walking up the ladder ever since, searching new techniques and investigating new ways of twisting the real world and turn it into a new visual artifact.

Nowadays, mDonada, keeps traveling, experimenting and defeating shapes, colors and ideas brought together to your eyes to explode like firecrackers.


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