graphic design...etc.

Posters, flayers or adds in music have been something that has always come along with the idea of doing record covers, shows, events,, obviously, mDonada has also stepped into this in one way or another.

His posters have been seen around cities since he first started his graphic design adventure. The very first moment he did his first mix tape cover back around 1996 his posters where already on the walls of bars, cafes, streets, stores and people´s bedrooms or even houses.


A short collection of the hundreds of posters he has designed are shown here. Some old some new, all part of space and time. From when he was known as LeCadavre back in the days to his work as mDonada today. A journey through typographies and images where everything becomes the same element in every possible format and imaginable shape. A place we he has played with colors, textures, structures, patterns...with no fear, not following any rule or trend.


If you are interested in purchasing any of his posters email him for availability and information. Some of them are hand screened printed and are limited editions, signed and hand numbered. They run fast so please ask before ordering. Thatd be nice!



Thank you and enjoy.