mDonada is a graphic designer and artist from Madrid, Spain. Influenced especially by early Hanna Barbera, old cartoons and TV shows from the unique and exceptional world of Sid & Marty Kroft. mDonada began creating his own creatures and drawings, building a universe full of emotions, colors and unbelievable impact, putting together a big circle of fantasy and imaginary characters which freely move in a magical world and enchanting fairy-tales.

After studying traditional cartoon animation at Escuela Superior De Dibujo Profesional and working for Cartoon Network, he soon decided to follow a different mysterious path by himself. Since he considered this necessary to continue to evolve and make his own world look better and more powerful, he embarked on a never-ending plan of a self extraordinary kingdom. He began developing his vision of an ideal planet, giving birth to hundreds of different personages that gallop like crazy horses around his sketchbooks, paintings, comics, silk-screens...etc, happily furious and strong in imaginary lands under the perspective of his multicolored wonderful prism.

His work, in a short time period, has taken him and his art to several main cultural cities such as Lisbon, Roma, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Chicago...giving him the opportunity to spread the word and image of his highly creative cosmos.

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