pntngs/ 2009


Almost accidentally, mDonada fell in the dwell of acrylics, canvases and lines.


He first started painting for friends and family and due to the warm acceptance of people he decided to keep on going with such an interesting world. Ideas popped up like pop corn and suddenly were all around his apartment. Rolled canvases, frames, brushes and paint were, in less than a second, a very important part of his life, taking space at every corner, shelve or drawer.

mDonada soon started traveling with his paintings to different cities, walking hand in hand with all his new friends as if they were altogether in a road trip, living, learning, visiting, growing...
Nowadays he keeps working in new creatures and situations to make this lovely family bigger and bigger where everyone is welcome. This community will never be big enough so visit from time to time to meet them all!.


If you own a painting that its not here or you have a better picture than the one shown here (which is not difficult at all), email him and, please, send him one.




mDonada strongly supports Edding 8400!