watdafac/ 01


mDonada´s books have been traveling with him all around the world almost forever. Have visited places where he has been at, drawing, possessed by life, searching for inspiration around the planet. Throughout all his sketches the Watdafac series are the most representative today. Like spoiled kids, with the privilege of sharing with him cafes, cities, places, roads, trips, nights, tours....

The treasure trunk where he has been collecting tons of books, sheets and paper cuts for years it could be said that The Watdafacs are nowadays the true companion in life, like a sweet & sour partner in crime. This pages are full of experiences, emotions and sometimes new ideas for his future work that can be found in his paintings, drawings , silkscreens, covers..etc.

Walk through the pages and feel it your way, submerge yourself in his very own world of magical characters and sometimes absurd ideas, frustration, pain, desolation, loneliness, happiness, confusion, plans, illusion, believe, trust and failure.


This images are spontaneous lashes turned to ink, fast thoughts and quick movent, came and leave, stayed and said goodbye. Some are real, some are not. Some just like a flash without any real meaning.

They have been captured this way