CHAPTER TWENTY NINE - "Set your path"

Ok, so christmas is officially over in Spain and I already planning my next moves (yes, in plural). I have to short some stuff out first before setting a new route (since this parenthesis in Madrid has ruined my plans) but you will know about all this very soon because....


Right now I will start working hard on a few upcoming exhibitions, Australia and probably Japan. Speaking of which, if you are around Melbourne this month, please drop by this group show Im in with a bunch of AMAZING artists. Black Canyon Projects is curating this exhibition and it looks very cool. Im happy to share space with so talented people.
Watdafac Gallery will be working with this guys early this year on some exciting projects because Sean Morris (which runs BC) is an awesome man and he does amazing stuff. Im also smiling like an idiot when I think about the idea of bringing Watdafac Gallery to the warm light again this year. I want to curate more shows but mostly, start releasing and putting out new (and past) stuff such as books, magazines, toys, merch, etc. Also the ashes of Gssh! Gssh! Records where found and brought to life. Some records to be released this year too and some shows happening.
Anyway, thats another long story that will have to wait. Step by step, dont run, please dont fall.

At the end of 2014, while I was in Miami, I spoke with Charlie from Beach London and we thought that having a show at their gallery with my new stuff could be a good idea. Right after a couple of emails I left the house and found GB´s flag hanging out at my mum´s apartment. It was a sign. Im sure this show or whatever it is will be something good. I believe in signs from the Cosmos. I do believe in Aliens. I believe in Carl Sagan.
Coffee is ready, work has to be done. Have a great day.

are we ready?

working out is boring and I do it ONLY once a year

I already did...

"chocho" means pussy in spanish and they have them at the supermarket

I miss NYC (& friends)


Thank you!


Madrid is still the same crap it was when I left. There is something about this place that kills me, darkens my energy and turns my positive vibes into a disgusting pile of horse shit. I can handle it because Im not new here and I have defeated this beast before but I hope I can leave the sooner the better (for a long long time).

I think that Arteuparte´s new magazine is out and it features one of my illustrations about technology. I think you can get it here through their website or something. 
There are also some exhibitions that will take in different parts of the world. First one was in Barcelona and they will be coming to Madrid soon this year. Come by if you are around!.


I would wish you all a happy new year and all that non sense but Im not comfortable with Christmas anymore. Not since last year. I stopped believing in such a a big lie and this year hasnt been any different. I hope you are ok, thats all. I also hope this year brings me lots of happiness. You can go and reach your own, who cares?.

never stop moving

Harry Larry from Margarita joined me on my way to BCN

I spent NYE in Barcelona. It was fun!. I dont remember the last time I visited the city but I know it was a long time ago. There are some spots that still bring me sad memories to my mind & heart but I wanted to leave the capital and visit some old friends, anyway. 
Holidays in Spain end up tonight so I want to sit and organize all my plans for 2015 right after all the christmas sadness ends. There are quite a few projects about to happen and im VERY EXCITED about them.


Thank you!