CHAPTER SIX - "Desperately seeking Hapankorppuja"

I feel awesome today (less than a few minutes ago that I felt powerful. I just deleted all I wrote in this post by accident and I have to start all over again from scratch. I wanted to smash the computer against the wall but I wont let this thing ruin my day. Wifi at the Comic Center its acting like a douche bag, come on!).
Im in a fragile mood because of the lack of light in here that is absorbing all my energy. Helsinkians have recommended me to take Vitamin D pills because that will help me deal with the weather and stuff. It seems that someone has stolen the sun from here and its never coming back. There isnt even a note or anything, damn!

Anyway, I feel great because I met awesome people today. I visited the guys at TSTO studio and we had a great time chatting for a while. I showed them my work and we talked about a bunch of silly stuff such as New York and New Yorkers. No offense here. I love my friends there! I really do.

Life is beautiful when you find awesome people doing cool stuff. I loved their studio. Its a perfect spot in the middle of the Design District of Helsinki. Very cozy and warm. Cool guys!
Meeting people like the Kuti Kutis, Kalle from Sarjakuvakesku and the TSTO team makes everything and this trip worth it. I really needed something like this. I have been through too many hostile experiences in this city so a little bit of a "safe zone" is always welcome.

Today I will be going to an opening at Myymälä 2 gallery. I havent been there so Im very curious and kind of excited. I met Jan, the owner, a week ago and he is pretty nice. We talked about the possibility of having a pop-up show with my stuff at the gallery but we never talked about it again. I hope we can work something out today. It would be such an honor to have my art posted at walls of Myymälä 2. Lets see what happens this afternoon.


HEY! new artists are joining MOVING AGAIN. Sami Aho (from Kuti Kuti) and Inka Järvinen + ANTTI Uotila (from TSTO Studio) are now part of the show. Hooray!

OH! Its late and I still have to sketch, I have to eat and drop all my things at the apartment before meeting Mikko and Sergio for the show this afternoon. Openings here are so early. Its weird. I know, everything is weird and confusing for me. Leave me alone!.

Maybe this happiness that is grabbing me gently by the throat comes from the fact that I watched "Desperately Seeking Susan" again last night after almost 20 years. I didnt remember how hot and cool Madonna looked like in this movie. Probably the best Madonna ever. No doubt about it. Plus the song is a super hit, biatch!


Thank you!

CHAPTER THREE - "First Malfunction"

I woke up at 8am today. Stayed in bed reading comics with my coffee while it was snowing outside. Pretty romantic, right? well, its not. Even though I try I cant stay in bed more than 10 minutes once I have already opened my eyes and my brain starts spinning. The hamster inside my head likes to exercice early in the morning, he likes running the wheel fast, like a cheetah.
Same happens when I think about the lovely idea of having a bubble bath. I open the tap, let the hot water run, add some nice bath salts (if I have any which I usually dont), set the laptop with a good movie to watch while Im relaxing and just enjoying the moment. Well, before the credits of the movie are over Im already using the towel. I cant stay there doing NOTHING for more than 3 min. Every time I try, same shit happens.
Anyway, I sat to draw for a while. My phone was dead and my computer at the studio so it was kind of nice not having internet at all or anyone texting me and shit like that. I was totally isolated and I loved the feeling. I liked the feeling because I was safe but I didnt know that in the next few hours I was going to go through a real nightmare being as isolated as that.
I left the apartment at 9h30 and I arrived at Kuti Kuti´s studio at 12h. I have been lost for around two hours wandering the streets of Helsinki. This might sound like not to bad but the thing changes when its freezing cold outside and its snowing like hell(sinki). 
I couldnt remember the names of any of the streets Im suppose to know. Neither train stations, bus or tram. I didnt know where the studio was located. I mean, I thought I knew how to walk there but it seems I didnt. I asked people in the streets if they knew about "whatever name" I made up because I cant pronounce it even though I kind of know how to spell it (which I dont after 3 lame attempts). Street names here have around 57 letters impossible to remember. I walked around looking for something familiar or a sign or something. My battery was dead, I had no money and I didnt know where to go. Snow was starting to be annoying, my feet where wet and I was freezing to death. 
I remember Sami told me that the tram to the studio was number 9, or was it 8?. I dont know. So since I didnt have any money I followed the tram number 8 track walking. It took me to an even more unfamiliar place so I decided to follow track number 9. It took my 45 minutes to find it but I did. I jumped inside without paying (easy to skip public transport tickets here) and sat there for a while. Landscape was getting weirder so I decided to jump off and walk or ask or cry.
After wandering and cursing out loud in spanish in the middle of the streets. Blaming the Cosmos and my Karma for being so bad to me I ended up at the Botanic Garden. A place I have been before. I knew something familiar was near, I know something was going to help me find my way home or the studio. I walked in the wrong direction, of course, so when I realized that I just asked for the neighborhood I am staying: KALLIO.
A guy told me I was in the centre of the city, far away from where I wanted to go. I asked if he could tell me names of train stops there to see if any of them rang a bell. It did: SÖRNÄINEN (must remember this). It took me I while to get there but I did, sweating like a pig, wet as an octopus.
That train stop is where I live so I started from zero, watching every step, trying to remember bars, restaurants, stores, parks... Suddenly I saw this restaurant my friend Mikko told me about on our way to the studio yesterday so I was on the right path. Then I saw a bunch of workmen having a beer in the street and I remembered there were some public works too on the way so I followed them. They took me to the right place. Everything looked right, snow stopped, rain startet and I was walking fast as a motherfucker. I know I was near. 
After 15 minutes I jumped into a LIDL supermarket that I know. I would have bought a beer and pretzels if I had money but I literally run to the studio. 
Its warm here. I love it. I do a lot of stuff and it rocks. 
I understand now how US troops feel like when the get back home from Afganistan. I had the same feeling when I arrived to the studio. I wanted to cry and call my mum.

The sad part of this is not that I have been lost. I must have done something wrong for this to happen and Im sorry. I already payed my debt. The thing is that I didnt have my iphone working so I could take any picture. I have seen amazing stuff, really cool things! Dammit!. I dont know how I ended up at the door of a closed amusement park. It looked like it was abandoned. I dunno but it looked awesome!. I stayed there for a while, under the snow, looking at the only person that was walking the street. Alone.

I have to draw like a beast right now because I have a meeting with Jan from Myymälä 2 gallery and I want to show him my new pieces. Its snowing so I guess Im going to bring him a wet papyrus... jesus...


People that know me have suffered it at least once in their life, my closest friends have to deal with it almost every day, and my girlfriends have... well, thats a long story.

Some cool pictures now of what I have been sketching:


New piece Im working on for "MOVING AGAIN" group show  at the Comic Center - Nov 27th.

My favorite place in Helsinki right now is the Metro. Its all electric red, in the inside and in the outside!

These people were probably the best art collective in the history of creation.