October - 17th - 2008>>

ITS CHRISTMAS - time to surprise your people with a lovely painting!

MURRICO! - I have a new office - LaGsshaus! has moved again to the nicest place ever!.
Ok, you want news, I guess. The only thing that I have updated today are some posters,paintings and pictures from the Tutti Art show and finally something really special.

>> Yes, I have posted some of the work I did for Cartoon Network, some food products and stuff I found around while checking out my old backups.

>> Sonny Kay and I are working on a new project. We are doing a split artshow beginning March 2009 we hope. It will start in Madrid first and we will try to bring it to as many places as possible. We will be posting more info soon...We still have to work some stuff out. Be patient and be supportive. THANKS!

>> Im trying to find as much art shows as possible. So if you know or want to help how to make it happen feel free to email me and be friendly!. Thanks!

>> Chili con Carne from Lisbon are doing a massive artshow called Furaçao Mitra with 30 amazing artist including some of my portuguese favorites such as Braulio Amado. Who has an amazing band called Adorno and does fantastic art!.
It will only have one piece of each I think. And to be honest, mine is at the best spot: THE BAR!

Coming soon :
Flamenco poster in Ethiopia, new record covers, more paintings...

(making of! picture by : Fernan)

October- 1st - 2008 >>

Back in track. Tons of new stuff added. Prints, paintings, posters, covers and shit. I have been busy being a Madridian so sorry to you all for not updating this more often. For those who really check my stuff from time to time, I mean. Probably 2 or 3. And one of them is my mum. I love you , mum!.
Here is what´s up!:

>>Ok, people from Mostoles and everywhere this might interest you. Im opening an art show called Tutti at Urban Club next thursday. And that´s Oct 9th. Of course you are all invited to come, chat and drink/eat whatever you want. And please safe some extra money to buy some goodies!. Come ooooon...
>> Next year is full of good stuff!. Many artshows happening that make me really happy I have to say. I better sharpen my brushes to start the marathon of canvas that is coming...Aleluya!.
>> Even though it is not said you should know that the handscreens are for sale. So contact me if you are interested. For example, the Polysics poster is available for only 12€. And its big and good looking. Like the Ultimate Warrior.

>>Havent found a place bigger yet.

From Oct 11th to Nov 7th if you are in Lisbon or want to go or if you are passing by, you better go to Fabrica Gallery in Chiado. Upstaris the Benetton Store where there is going to be one of the best photography projects (curated by Sara Gomes) you have ever seen happening. Its called HOME and it features different amazing artists from around the world. GO!. I would.

Coming soon : More paitings, more pictures, more fun...

(making of! picture by : Mauxie)



TOP 9 because I say so... >> NOV 2009
... tops have always been something funny and interesting to look at!

>> TOP of what I think are some of my friend´s favorite bands:

1 - Sara - The Get Up Kids >>
2 - Maux - Limpwrist >>
3 - Hugo - Sebadoh >>
4 - Toño - Elliott Smith >>
5 - Ferni - Husker Dü >>
6 - Jon - Led Zeppelin >>
7 - Grosman - Burzum >>
8 - Juanlu - Black Flag >>
9 - Molly - Oasis >>

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